Saturday, November 22, 2008

MySQL Enterprise Monitor Test Drive

In our quest to optimize our MySQL powered application I decided to take MySQL Enterprise Monitor for a test drive. It is easy a snap to install and configure the Service Manager and remote Agents on 2 different servers to test. The only real hitch was the Query Proxy, which I am yet to get working.

I figured for $2999 a year their support should be extremely responsive, and I was not disappointed as I received an email in approximately 10 minutes with some troubleshooting steps. Hopefully this issue will be resolved quickly so I can get on with testing the Query Analyzer (the reason for this experiment).

Otherwise the database and server monitoring is rather sophisticated and robust. However for 3k a year US it is a little steep for our operating budget. The plan is to start from the top and work our way down to something in our price range that meets our need to optimize our database and application query usage.

From what I can see MySQL Enterprise Monitor is definitely tops in that regard.

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