Thursday, March 29, 2007

Vista: Can I get... oops ?

Well the vista saga continues. I had tried out vista on the weekend and a day after I left the poor soul who owned the computer tried installing Alcohol 120% and the PC rebooted mid-install and did an auto-recovery putting him back to purchase day.

Mind you this is an HP PC, but something tells me this is a Vista feature. Instead of asking for a CD when a kernel level file is messed with (like previous versions) just recover the whole system. Sounds like something Microsoft would do.

Well that is all. And oh ya. Go Vista!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Vista: Not what I expected

Considering all the hype and yeeaeeerrrs of development I would have expected something larger and better by leaps and bounds. I guess it is the only thing I can come to expect from Microsoft.

I had the chance to take Vista Home Premium for a test drive this weekend and was not surprised or wowed in anyway. (I was more impressed by Linux/KDE improvements in the past years). It seems like they have taken all this time to make the interface look more like a mac and less time innovating simple things.

The other issue is that all the programs that were used with ease on windows xp are not totally compatible with Vista. But that is to be expected I guess.

And as for security, it is more irritating then useful. I use Debian/GNU on a daily basis and am used to putting in my root password every time I want to install a program or change a system setting. The PC having been preloaded with Vista, there is nothing more disconcerning then trying to uninstall an application and being told that this action is prohibited by the administrator (I am the admin !!).

I guess I set my expectations too high. But I was hoping for more bang for the buck.

Anyway that is all for now. And as for Windows I will stick with XP and 2K until I have no choice. Otherwise Debian/GNU will be gracing my desktop for the years to come ;)