Friday, November 10, 2006

Linux Manathon

Well I am working on box #3 today. I am slowly sneaking the lil penguin into our organization. I started almost a year ago with a harmless FTP Server (Gentoo), and then yesterday I finished the touches on a gateway/router (Gentoo). And today I am finishing up the touches on a Debian/GNU box for the boss.

I have been going at this full time for over a week now. I start last week by installing KDE on the FTP Server (everyone likes a little GUI right?), so that we could use it for testing through VNC.

So I thought I would pop a few notes on here about some issues I have run into and solved. If not for someone else's benefit it is for my own.

1. Wheel mouse on XFree86 - X Windows

I Ran into this problem when setting up my latest Debian/GNU box, but I don't remember this happening before on my home PC, but the mouse navigation wheel would not work. So I broke down and compared the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 with the one on the working server and it turns out that the mouse has to use the imPS/2 protocol. I was sure it asked be during my last install but I could wrong.

2. Adding init.d scripts to boot time

I accomplish this (which I forgot until some nice person at #debian reminded me) by running the update-rc.d command as root.

That is all for. I may be back soon ;)

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