Friday, September 01, 2006

LFS - Day 8

Well I am finally on the home stretch of my Linux From Scratch base system install. After some hiccups and minor reading difficulies I am on the final round of the base system. I have spent 4 days off and on compiling "building environment" tools that would be replaced when the base system is in place.

It was a monumental moment 2 days ago when I stepped into my chrooted building enviroment to compile GLibc, Bintuils & GCC for the last time. Besides the fact that GCC & Glibc take a combined 1 day to compile and install I have done both 3 times now. (Currently working on the last build of GCC after messing up on attempt).

So after today I was be on vacation, so there will be no more updates until the middle of the month.

It is an interesting exercise that is teaching me value in the work that goes into most distros. Something that Gentoo never really taught me since I started with a Stage 3 install.

That is all for now and thanks to the people at #lfs-support on for their help so far ;)


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